• The Nespresso machine for DNA Primers


    Producing your own DNA Primers becomes as convenient as

    brewing a nice cup of coffee

    Technical Specs


    Ready to use 25 bases primer:


    Max. lenght:

    Only two consumables:




    < 90 minutes

    500 pmol

    100 bases

    Reagent cartridge & microfluidic chip

    Single (Dual)








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  • Briefcase Biotec GmbH was founded in Graz, Austria in 2014 by Alexander Murer, Martin Jost and Bernhard Tittelbach with the aim to develop Kilobaser - the 'Nespresso machine of DNA primer synthesis'. CEO Alexanders study in molecular biology was accompanied by his rising interest in lab automation. Following several smaller projects such as bioreactor developments with Martin & Bernhard and his work in a lab measurement company, the team also founded the community biohackerspace 'Open Biolab Graz Austria' in 2013. Soon after, the idea for 'Kilobaser' was born due to their own frequent need for DNA primers.

    Martin Jost co-founder ...... Alexander Murer CEO, co-founder ...... Bernhard Tittelbach co-founder


    Kilobasers logo is a homage to Photograph 51, which is an X-ray diffraction image of DNA taken by Raymond Gosling in May 1952, working as a PhD student under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin. It was critical evidence in identifying the structure of DNA.

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  • Press & Memories



    SynBioBeta 2018

    September: [Link] CEO Alex is speaking at the global synthetic biology community meeting in San Francisco, USA.


    Achema 2018
    June: The lastest Kilobaser pre-series device is exhibited at Achema chemical industry faire at Frankfurt, Germany.


    Reservation campaign

    June: We celebrate the launch of our reservation campaign for the 50 first series devices.


    Fifteen Seconds Festival 2018
    June: Kilobaser exhibits at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz.


    Singularity university

    Mai: CEO Alex spoke at Singularity Universities 'Digital Health' salon.


    Analytica 2018

    April: Kilobaser is presented and exhibited to the public for the first time at the Analytica faire in Munich, Germany.


    Der Brutkasten

    April: German article - [Link]


    Science Park Graz

    February: Kilobaser signs a cooperation agreement with Science Park Graz, the 'High Tech Incubator' of the technical University Graz.






    Visegrad in the Ring - General Electric

    December: Kilobaser was chosen by General Electric Hungary to be one of their two finalists at Visegrad in the Ring.


    ESIB - European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology

    November: CEO Alex is a panelist at the 'Start-up, Start-through, Start-now' session of ESIB conference in Graz [Link]



    July: CEO Alex joins a month long business program by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Hongkong.


    Wiener Zeitung

    June: German article [Link]


    Spirit of Styria

    March: German article [Link]



    January: Kilobaser applies for a patent.




    ....busy developing




    FFG Basisprojekt
    May: Kilobaser gets accepted by the federal science funding agency 'FFG', receiving roughly € 1M of funding during the next 3 years.

    Seed round by SOS Ventures

    January: Kilobaser receives a seed funding round of $ 500.000 from SOSv.



    Pioneers Festival
    October: Kilobaser is amongst the 50 chosen best start-ups and pitches at Pioneers festival in Vienna, Austria.



    August: German Article [Link]


    Rebel Bio
    May: Kilobaser joins Rebel Bio's incubator program (formaly known as Indie.bio & Synbioaxlr8r), receives it's first small funding round and spends 4 months in Ireland at the Cork University. [Link]


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